Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The NFL Lockout Will End Soon

So there's this pesky lockout thing. Talk of a missed NFL season.  But the reality is the NFL season is about to begin!  The lockout will be resolved soon and that means it's mid-summer and time to think about training camp and how the new players and returning vets are shaping up.

It will be a strange beginning to the season, with teams only being able to sign free agents after the lockout ends and rushing to fill roster spots. But then things will even out and soon it will all be back to the NFL as normal.

Why am I so certain that the lockout will end? Because the lockout is all about money and the one thing that will cost all parties involved the most money would be to miss part of the season. The negotiations are not over but the outcome is decided. THERE WILL BE FOOTBALL THIS FALL!

- I guarantee it... and can't wait to watch it!

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